Sunday, October 27, 2013

FQS Mystery Designer BOM #5

Here is block 5 done for this BOM.

If you would like to see the prior months blocks, just click on the on the tag Fat Quarter Shop Mystery Designer BOM 2013 at the end of this post.  Apparently to use this blogger program limits the space you can use, and pictures take up a lot of space, so instead of adding the past pictures of the blocks for this BOM, i'll just have to refer you to prior posts.  Bummer!

Friday, October 25, 2013

Leftover Table Runner Project D.O.N.E. Done!

Yipee!  We are done! Done! Done!  I will be the first to admit that I am not the speedy sewer/quilter there is out there, but this one has taken the prize for one stretched out project reaching the finish line.

And, even after quilting, some of the wonkiness is still there.  (Sigh).  So, I am going to wash it and then do a really good steam press on it and wash my hands from it.  I probably should have scrapped this as soon as I made the first block of triangles, but I didn't and I made the commitment to my self that I am not leaving unfinished projects laying around.  It would have been easy to just bundle the unfinished project up and put in in a bag or bin and tell yourself, "I will come back and get to that later".  Nope, that's not what my new mantra is all about, especially since I am no longer working outside of the home.

So here are the finished pictures.  The first one here is the runner folded in half.  I didn't take the time to totally unfold it for the pictures, mostly to save face on all the wonkiness going on with this thing called a table runner.

Close up picture of the one corner of the quilt and it shows the cross-hatch quilting I did.  This is probably my most favorite way to quilt, as it is straight line quilting (no special changes on the sewing machine itself or the feet), and it usually is just following the lines of stitching the block together.  Going around the border I just straight stitched at one inch intervals.

Another close-up of the cross hatch quilting.

Cute view of it folded up.  Too bad that it looks the best this way rather than laid out on the table.  (Snicker)

This picture is a view of the backing I used, which is the same as the last border on the front.  I got really lucky, as I didn't have enough of any of the scraps left over from the big quilt to do a backing, so I spent a couple of late nights surfing the web, and found matching fabric.  It was posted as scraps left over from a long arm quilter and only cost me $3.50, including postage to get the backing.  Half of the fun is the hunt for the right material to complete the project and make it look like you had it all from the beginning

And, last, but not least, here is a close up of a corner to show the binding, which matches the red in the quilt top.

Now that it is done, I am feeling pretty good about sticking it out and completing this project.  It shows now that I can do a little designing and have the self discipline to follow through with something I started.

By the way, if anyone is interested in this design, leave me a comment with your e-mail address, and I will send you the graph paper sketches I did in the planning of this table runner.


Wednesday, October 23, 2013

A Peek at the Leftover Project

This leftover project has taken more time than I really wanted to commit.  My original thought was, "Here is a stack of leftover triangles, I should be able to whip up something really quick!"  (Snicker)  Yeah, right!

Using leftover little triangles causes fitting issues, as they are the off cast of the correct fitting flying geese and each leftover triangle may or may not be the same size as the other cut off triangles.

So, there is a little wonky fitting, including a little tuck here and there.  But overall, I think it is going to come out rather nicely using up all the leftovers from the big quilt.

I am hoping to quilt it and bind it this afternoon and evening.  


Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Dress forms

It is no secret that I like and have a small collection of dress forms.  Some have been found in re-sale shops, and some are new found in various retail outlets.  I have them displayed in several places throughout my sewing room. 

Here are a few standing in my window sill, all lined up in a row.

This one is hanging on my back wall.

These two wire framed pink ones are found on top of my fabric shelves.

This one is a pretty one in a chiffon flowing dress, and it's pink!

Yesterday, we were at a factory outlet discount store and look what I found!!!  Yep, another dress form, and this one comes with it's own little matching purse.  Cute, huh?

My collection would be much bigger, but for some odd reason, dress forms in any fashion (wire, clothed, jewelry holder) are usually quite expensive.  Most of mine bought in a retail store have been on sale at at least 75% off.  The lowest price on the small ones start at around $30 and if they are over 12" high they hover around $100.

I feel fortunate enough to have the collection currently residing in my sewing room.


Saturday, October 19, 2013

Sewing Buddy

I'm not sure what is is about cats, quilts, and sewing rooms, but they seem to be one of the most posted items out in blog land.  I am no exception!

Here is my helper today...


Thursday, October 17, 2013

Color Dilemma

Please note that this is not a plug for my shop, but just some of the background of what goes into some of the decisions I make when deciding what colors to use with the different types of prints in the fleece fabrics I have used.

One of my top sellers is the pink camo fleece from Mossy Oak.  Last night, I pulled out another piece of fleece I need to work on, and then had to decide which color pink I would be using for the crochet edging.  All of the variations would work, but this time I am going to choose the fourth one from the left.

The favorite pink I used for the first six blankets I used a skein that was in a bag of yarn I purchase from Goodwill about 2 years ago.  The yarn was purchased from the store "Ben Franklin", which was a store from many years ago, and is no longer in business.  I have been unable to find anymore of this color, not even close.  So, now having to move on, I am up at 11:00 pm deciding which color to use.

That's the dilemma.  Small one, but still a dilemma.


Monday, October 14, 2013

UFO Project #2

When finishing up the last UFO Project, you can see it here, I was going through my massive collection of Thimbleberries UFO projects I came across one of the first Thimbleberries Clubs I participated back in 2003.  My involvement with the Thimbleberries craze began in 1999.

This club involved a project per quarter rather than a block a month.  The first picture is the advertisement of the collection of the four quarter projects.  I have it taped on the front of a three ring binder, which holds the collection of the documents and handouts that I received throughout the year.

Let me take a moment here, and say that I am a "Type A" when organizing my projects, fabric, clubs, BOM's.  I spend as much time organizing as I do the actual time spent sewing.  With that said, I have to admit I enjoy doing the "organizing" more than the sewing and putting the projects together.  I've been know to re-organize stuff more than once, just because I find that part of it very satisfying.  I call it my therapy, but some out there who are not the crafts kind would think I might need professional help (smile).  I don't think so, as it gives me a sense of contentment!

Here is the first quarter project, called Window Box.  I have put the ad for this project and a swatch for all the fabric used in the project on a piece of paper and then into a sheet proctor, so that I can add it to the Project binder.  

I completed the first quarter club project of 2003 in 2009.  This picture does not do it justice.  It is currently hanging in my hall, right between the master bedroom and bathroom doorway.  Not a day goes by, as I walk down the hall, or going to bed in the evening, I don't take the time to look at it and to run my hand over the quilting done on the wall hanging.  Again, it keeps me content!  

Below are closeups of the three blocks used twice in this wallhanging.  It also shows how I chose to quilt each block differently.  The border quilting was done in a cross hatching pattern.

Okay, now that we have the prelude all done, here is the next UFO project I am going to work on over the new week or so.  This is the second quarter project for the 2003 Thimbleberries Club.  This will be perfect for my kitchen, as it has many things garden related, including blocks that look like canning jars.  For those who don't know me well, I can several hundred jars of food either from my own garden or from local growers.  

When I found the Club of 2003 package, I found that I had already started on this project by getting all the pieces cut out.  And of course, I took the advertisement of the project and a swatch of each fabric used in the wall hanging and attached it to a piece of paper (recycled, see the printing in the upper right hand corner?)  and had already put it in a sheet proctor, and was in the project binder.

So, now I am ready to sit down and begin sewing it up for another "contentment" piece in my home!


Saturday, October 12, 2013

Leftovers Design

Remember the zillion (only about 124 actually), flying geese from the UFO project I posted about yesterday?  Of course you do, I been complaining posting about them a lot, since the beginning of the project.

Here is that huge pile of triangles.  Made me think this is a lot of fabric just to leave alone or throw away as scrap.  Surely, I could do something with them.

I kept them paired up just as they were when I trimmed them away from the original UFO project, and stitched them on the long side of the triangle.  I chined stitched 248 triangles through my machine until my eyes crossed.

I put four little squares together, and formed a pattern called a pinwheel, and then sewed four pinwheels together as a start of playing around to see what I can make an end result.  I'm leaning towards using several of these somehow in a table runner????


Thursday, October 10, 2013

UFO Project Top Completed

Yep, another UFO project bites the dust, meaning it is completed.  Well, at least the top is completed.  I had a short break today, in overcast Oregon, to hang the finished top on the fence outside.  The top finished out to be about 70" X 87".  Remember I did three extra center blocks, to make the quilt more for a twin bed, rather than be just a big square quilt.

I brought the finished top back inside and laid it on my cutting table (folded) and took a couple of close up pictures.

I really like the thin green border, and if I would have thought about it, I would have put one on the other side of the flying geese, but I just followed the pattern and it only called for one.  (Sigh)


Friday, October 4, 2013

BOM (Old) Update

This week I did some work on my ongoing older BOM's.  By working on three or four projects at a time, I don't get too bored with any one project.  Working on these older BOM's that I have had stored for a few years, also gives me a sense of accomplishment of cleaning up my stash.  

First up is the progress of putting together the Farmer's Wife blocks.  This has been somewhat of a struggle because the blocks are different sizes.  The reason my blocks came out different sizes is because when printing off the templates from the CD that came with the book, I didn't make sure the print came out at actual size.  This caused them to come out slightly smaller, and slightly smaller over many pieces can be 1/4" or more.  Then, someone in our online group decided to incorporate Marti Mitchell's acrylic templates for some of the pieces throughout the quilt.  So using the incorrect sized paper pieces and the correct sized acrylic pieces have caused some difficulty in matching up the blocks and the sashing.  I have just a little warbling going on.  I am fairly confident that this will work itself out in final pressing, and when the quilting of the top gets done.  But so far, I am liking how it is turning out.

Next up is the next block from the Land of Lincoln Sampler BOM.  This is block #5, called Road to the White House.

And finally, the next block for the A Civil War Tribute BOM.  If you recall, each month requires more than just one block.  This month called for a 18" block and a 12" block.  This is Month 4 of the program.  Between you and me, these two blocks, on their own, are just plain ugly!  Actually, they look better here as a picture than in person.  But, I imagine once worked into the rest of the quilt, they won't be so ugly, and fit right in as if they belong.