Saturday, August 30, 2014

Project Updates

I had started a BOM back in 2006.  2006, that's almost 8 years ago!  Oh my!!!  Moving on,  I dug it out when I had gotten out the UFO BOM Prairie Primrose.  They are both from Homestead Hearth, as you can see from the print out I have from their website back in 2006.  This UFO BOM is called Chocolat Legacy using Moda's Chocolat line of fabric.

It works like a round a round type of quilt, where you make center blocks and add a round of different blocks and then another round of different blocks until you achieve the size of the quilt.  Below is a picture depiction of the finished quilt.

Back in 2006, when the BOM started, I did manage to get the center blocks done.  There are four blocks that are sewn together to be the focal point of the quilt.

When I dug this one out, I found that somehow I misplaced month three, so I had to go on an internet on a hunt for some of the fabric line, Moda Chocolat.  I ended up using a Fat Quarter 6 piece collection from Moda Double Chocolat and some pieces out of three charm packs in the Moda Chocolat line.  Month 2 was completed, which consists of 6 of the twelve blocks that are the second round of the quilt.  Month 3 is the remainder 6 blocks of the twelve.  Here are 8 of these blocks completed, as I am working on the remainder of theses in between all the projects I have on my schedule.

Speaking of what is on my schedule, here is John Q quilt top almost completed.  After talking with the client, I am needing to add three more sections, on each side and at the bottom, to make it the size they want it to be for their bed.  I did get the sections laid out, and one has been sewn, but I need to finish the other two sections, and get them sewn onto the main piece.  I am hoping to be quilting it this coming week.

I also have a commissioned baby quilt to make for a repeat customer, some college themed pot holders for an Etsy customer, and three zippered pouches for another customer.  Whew, I am so thankful for this work that has come my way.  I am grateful that I can stay at home and work at what I so enjoy.  God is good.


Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Primrose Prairie UFO BOM Update

In the pauses of custom orders (waiting on clients, ordering materials for projects, etc), I have had some time to work on my latest UFO BOM.  Remember the one that I started a few weeks back?  Primrose Prairie?  Yep, this really big one?

Well, I am now finished with the nine center appliquéd blocks and here is pictures of the last four I did this week:

If you want to see the posts about the other blocks completed, scroll down to the bottom of this blog, and there will be a list of labels.  Just click on the "Primrose Prairie" label and it will bring up all the posts related to this project.  

Remember, each block measures 20", so they are much larger than the standard 12' blocks most quilts I done in the past.  With that said, the nine appliquéd blocks will almost cover the top of a queen sized bed, and then add the sashing, corner posts, and the large appliquéd borders, it will be an oversized King size quilt.

The next step is to do the corner post appliqués and the pieced scrappy sashing that will be sewn between the large blocks.  So,  I got busy and cut them out.  All 1200 of them!!! And, then this afternoon, I appliquéd all the center posts, sixteen 5" blocks with a double circles.

So, now I will have to work on the pieced sashing.  A small project that will get the name of "forever scrappy piecing project".  There are over 1100 pieces that have to be sewn together in a randomness to make it look scrappy.  Yes a forever project!  Yikes!!


Tuesday, August 19, 2014

It All Starts With A Blank Slate

I have begun the layout of John Q quilt, by spreading out a white sheet to be my "design" wall.  Trust me that the sheet is white, very white, but it is picking up the tan wall paint and giving it a tan hue.

Then using my iPad, and some general direction from another layout from the stained glass denim quilt, I began to layout the different sized squares.

To this point, which is about 55" X 58".  This is a starting point, because I need the quilt to cover a double bed, so about 80" X 88".  Right now we are working on getting the randomness to the liking of the client.


Wednesday, August 13, 2014

John Q Quilt Begins

Today, after doing some house cleaning (I am meeting my in-laws for the first time this weekend), I was able to finish cutting out the beginning squares for the John Q quilt.  I have enough different sized squares to start a layout of a random design.  Once the customer sees and likes the layout, I will cut some more squares, if needed, to make it the proper size.

The customer's original thought was to have mostly solid squares, with a few prints thrown in here and there in the layout.   I will have to wait until the first part of next week to do the layout (I am thinking of laying it out on a white bed sheet) as I need a block of time to get all of the blocks in place and then communicate with the customer.


Friday, August 8, 2014

Spotty Hen Done!

Yep, as soon as I got home, I was able to finish the stitching project "Spotty Hen".  The pattern kit came with batting and backing, so I sandwiched them together, did some stitch in the ditch quilting, framing in the center appliqué design.  I also quilted around the four corners, giving it just enough quilting to show off the design.  Here is the finished project:


Thursday, August 7, 2014

Next Custom Order Project - John's Quilt

While out of town for the last three weeks, I received a new custom quilt order.  I am going to nickname this quilt "John Q".  While in New Mexico, I was able to go fabric shopping with the individual and pick out the fabric of the quilt.  This quilt is going to be laid out sorta like (with some modifications)  the quilt pattern below by  Lucy's Quilts.  If you are interested in getting this pattern, follow the link and then in the comment section ask her to send you her pattern, "Stained Glass Denim Quilt".

 Here is the color swatch page.  Each swatch has a corresponding number, so when we are discussing the layout and pattern of the quilt long distance, we will know what fabric we are talking about which will hopefully eliminate any confusion.

So before I can begin to work on this quilt, I am choosing to for the first time in my quilting making, washing the fabric first before cutting it out and stitching it together.  I am choosing to do this, because the colors are very dark (something I don't usually use unless they are wall hangings, and they don't get washed anyway).  I am afraid that the darker colors will run or bleed onto the lighter colors, so I am washing the darks in one load and the lights in another load.

This picture shows how I prepared the vast amour of yardage of fabric for the washer.  I am fortunate to have a front loader washer, so the fabric won't get wound around the center agitator of top loading machines.  But, I still wanted the fabric to stay as flat and together as possible, so I laid each piece out, selvage to selvage and folded it into fourths, and then pinned it together at approximately 12' intervals.  This will keep the fabric from becoming a crumpled mess and will much easier to iron when it is all done being laundered.  

Next step will be cutting out all the different sized squares for the quilt top.  Stay tuned...


Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Letters "G", "H", and "I"

I have a few more letters to show today on the Daisychain ABC Sampler.  I have been playing "gin" cards with my dad to pass the time in the afternoons, while my Mom is resting.  But here are the next four in the series:

This "G" was done solely in French knots.

The "H" is done in a satin stitch with a back stitch outlining the letter.

And the "I" is lots of stitches, including lazy daisy, French knots, and backstitch.  

I have "J" done, it just didn't get photographed.  Maybe it will show up tomorrow?