Monday, January 21, 2013

Another Repurpose Project

Have you ever bought a couple of t-shirt type shirts out of 100% cotton, only to have them shrink even though you didn't put them in the dryer?  And then it only shrinks in length and no where else.  Well, I seem to have this happen more than I like, but, with these two shirts, I was able to take the two and make one.

Here is the more favorite shirt of the two, and as it is shown here, it is too short, and the neck opening is too big (it shows my bra straps when I wear it, and the shirt falls off the shoulder)

This is another shirt I bought at the same time, that is the same style, but in a stripe I found I didn't like.  

 So, I cut off the bottom hem of the striped shirt (about 4"), the cuffs (about 4"), and the neckline (about 2").  Sewed all the cut pieces to the corresponding portions of the other shirt.  The only true adjustment that I needed to make was to the neckline, since I was wanting it to be smaller, I took it up the cut piece at the shoulder seams and stitched into place.

Tada!  I now have a shirt that it long like I like my shirts to be, and one that doesn't fall off my shoulder or show my bra straps.  I wasn't going to lengthen the sleeves, but I felt it needed the balance of the added contrast to all the parts of the shirt to make it look right.

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