Thursday, March 26, 2015

A Spring(y) Project

I have been working on a couple of UFO's this winter that are warm colors fitting for the cold dreary days, and I decided now that it is Spring in full bloom here in the Pacific Northwest, I needed a Spring(y) project to work on.  A short while back I pulled out a 2007 project, called Patchwork Party 2007 Spring Edition.   I finished the a few of the remaining twelve sampler blocks, but I still needed to work on the six additional appliqué blocks and the log cabin border blocks.  Today, I started working on the appliqué blocks.  They are similar to Biltmore flower blocks.

In the picture below, I have done two blocks, they are just overlapping so I could fit it in one picture.  the block on the left is called Rose at Dawn, and the one on the left is called Antique Tulip.  I will still have to stitch down the pieces, as they are only being held down with Heat and Bond material.

I included the instruction sheet, showing a corner of each of the six appliqué blocks.  I have four more to go, and then I will work on the log cabin blocks.  This is the only picture I have from the internet quilt company, Suzannes Quilts, that was included with the finishing kit that I ordered from them back in 2007.  This shows the layout of the sampler blocks, the appliqué blocks, and the log cabin blocks.

It's going to be another large quilt!


Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Chocolate Legacy UFO Top Done

Yessiree, the top is done.  You can read about it from the beginning here.  The original program started back in 2006, and I got it out to finally complete last November, only to spend a few months working on it off and on.

I took pictures this evening, so the lighting is not so great, but this quilt is the biggest one I have ever made.  It is laying on a queen size bed, and almost hangs down to the floor on all sides.  I'm glad it came out this big, because I wanted it to fit nicely on my King size bed.

Now the challenge will be to get it sandwiched and quilted.  I found, after much searching on the internet, backing that is 108" wide and from Moda's Chocolat line.  It is red tone on tone just like below.  I am not usually a fan of red, but I think I am really going to like this one, and it "fits" perfectly with all the prints from this line.  

I have formulated a couple of quilting ideas for this top, but I will wait to see once I get it all sandwiched, before I decide which way to go.


Monday, March 23, 2015

Back in the Saddle Again

For the first time in so many weeks, I was back in the sewing room, working on a few things.  One of the first things I worked on was a custom order for a tablecloth for an oblong table in an Easter print.  It is for the same customer that I made 9 sets of holiday themed potholders a couple of months ago.  I was able to find the same Easter print that I used in making the potholders, to make this tablecloth.  It was a fairly simple make, starting with the size of the table, adding  4" hang all the way around, and an additional 1" for a hem all away around.  Then I took a serving plate, about 14" in diameter to round out the corners to fit the oblong part of the table.

Then it was back to the making of the pieced sashing for the Primrose Prairie UFO quilt.  Remember I have to make 214 of these pieces, and each piece has 7 pieces.  Making the sashing scrappy, there are 18 different dark prints, and 12 different light prints.  Somehow the math worked out to be, I needed to make 13 blocks of each print, using one duplicate light print with each 13 pieces set.  After I get them all done, I will either be short a few or have a few extra.  Either way, I have a lot of pieces to make to complete the sashing.  

The box of the cut out pieces show below, here shows that I had one 13 piece dark color set done, and I have 5 sets done.  Only 13 sets to go....I will be sounding like a broken record blogging about this until I get them done.  Sigh...


Sunday, March 22, 2015

Greenhouse Spring Update

I started seedlings in my new green house before I had surgery on my wrists.  I wanted to get them started six weeks before the final frost for this area, although this year, we have been having April and May weather in February and March.  Normally, this would be an ideal time to start the seedlings, so I am sticking to what is the norm for my zone.

And now here is the progress so far.  This is the result of taking the seedlings from the egg cartons to bigger pots, because they have the third leaf on them and they need more room to grow.  I wasn't sure of the viability of the seeds that I had (some were three and four years old) so I double and triple planted seeds in the egg carton pockets.  Well, all or most of the seeds were very viable, and sprouted, so I have three and four time the amount of plants that will fit in my garden.  I am planning on sharing these starts with my neighborhood gardeners.

I have all kinds of veggies, tomatoes, broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, cucumbers, peppers, and some herbs.

Also did some different flowers, marigolds, carnations, bachelor buttons, snap dragons, coleus, nasturtiums, moss rose, lupine, etc.

I find it interesting that many quilters are also gardeners.  I personally like the self accomplishment in starting plants and growing my own food and knowing it is free of pesticides, and chemicals.

I will be back with an update in about three weeks, when they will be ready to go outside into the garden.


Friday, March 13, 2015


This would be my four letter work, if in fact is was one, but it carries the same meaning.  I really do try to stay on top of all the paperwork I have to do throughout the year, but this last year got ahead of me, and so this week while recuperating from my surgery, I am working on getting the paperwork, bookkeeping, and tax filings done to close out 2014.

I shut my sewing room door, so I am not tempted, or get distracted from the task at hand.  My target date to be back in the sewing room will be sometime next week, barring any hiccups in the completion of the task at hand.



Sunday, March 8, 2015

Sewing with Slit Wrists

Yep that's me, I have been sewing and minor housekeepping since I had surgery on both wrists,  i have had to take it easy this week, since my surgery Wednesday, so I thought I would do some simple sewing.  Since I already had the Jacob's Ladder block pieces cut out, and still had aboud 12 left to get done of the total of 44 blocks, I decided to just sit down and get them done.

Easy peasy right!  Well, it would have been, except I had a general anesthetic to get the surgery done, and I have been foggy and molasses slow in anything that requires thinking, even putting together a fairly simple quilt block.  My first attempt, I did the chain piecing, ironed each piece, and then tried to lay it out to make the final block.  I must have stared at the pieces laying on my ironing area for a good five minutes, before coming back to reality, by shaking my head and could continue sewing.  Such a weird feeling, I guess tha's why the post op instructions tell you not to make or sign any important or critical decisions for at least 24  to 48 hours.  

Here is one of ten blocks I managed to accomplish the last two days.  Remember this is the final round for the Chocolat Legacy UFO BOM that I have been plugging along trying to get done.  Actually came out better with brain fog than with my full facilities!  Either by luck, or by not being so intense in getting it done perfectly when I am all with it?

I have to wait to sew this last round on the quilt because I can't hold the big weight of the quilt while I would be sewing these last strips of blocks on the quilt already done.

Below are flowers I rreceived from my son and neighbor to cheer me up during recovery.  My neighbor tells me she likes yellow because it is a happy color.  I think she is right!


Thursday, March 5, 2015

Post Surgery Report

Just popping in to say the surgery went perfect!  The pain is gone, and the numbness is easing, and it's only been a little over 24 hours.  According to the post-op instructions, I can do some light duty starting tomorrow, so I certainly do some sewing tomorrow.