Sunday, March 22, 2015

Greenhouse Spring Update

I started seedlings in my new green house before I had surgery on my wrists.  I wanted to get them started six weeks before the final frost for this area, although this year, we have been having April and May weather in February and March.  Normally, this would be an ideal time to start the seedlings, so I am sticking to what is the norm for my zone.

And now here is the progress so far.  This is the result of taking the seedlings from the egg cartons to bigger pots, because they have the third leaf on them and they need more room to grow.  I wasn't sure of the viability of the seeds that I had (some were three and four years old) so I double and triple planted seeds in the egg carton pockets.  Well, all or most of the seeds were very viable, and sprouted, so I have three and four time the amount of plants that will fit in my garden.  I am planning on sharing these starts with my neighborhood gardeners.

I have all kinds of veggies, tomatoes, broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, cucumbers, peppers, and some herbs.

Also did some different flowers, marigolds, carnations, bachelor buttons, snap dragons, coleus, nasturtiums, moss rose, lupine, etc.

I find it interesting that many quilters are also gardeners.  I personally like the self accomplishment in starting plants and growing my own food and knowing it is free of pesticides, and chemicals.

I will be back with an update in about three weeks, when they will be ready to go outside into the garden.


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