Sunday, March 8, 2015

Sewing with Slit Wrists

Yep that's me, I have been sewing and minor housekeepping since I had surgery on both wrists,  i have had to take it easy this week, since my surgery Wednesday, so I thought I would do some simple sewing.  Since I already had the Jacob's Ladder block pieces cut out, and still had aboud 12 left to get done of the total of 44 blocks, I decided to just sit down and get them done.

Easy peasy right!  Well, it would have been, except I had a general anesthetic to get the surgery done, and I have been foggy and molasses slow in anything that requires thinking, even putting together a fairly simple quilt block.  My first attempt, I did the chain piecing, ironed each piece, and then tried to lay it out to make the final block.  I must have stared at the pieces laying on my ironing area for a good five minutes, before coming back to reality, by shaking my head and could continue sewing.  Such a weird feeling, I guess tha's why the post op instructions tell you not to make or sign any important or critical decisions for at least 24  to 48 hours.  

Here is one of ten blocks I managed to accomplish the last two days.  Remember this is the final round for the Chocolat Legacy UFO BOM that I have been plugging along trying to get done.  Actually came out better with brain fog than with my full facilities!  Either by luck, or by not being so intense in getting it done perfectly when I am all with it?

I have to wait to sew this last round on the quilt because I can't hold the big weight of the quilt while I would be sewing these last strips of blocks on the quilt already done.

Below are flowers I rreceived from my son and neighbor to cheer me up during recovery.  My neighbor tells me she likes yellow because it is a happy color.  I think she is right!


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Benta AtSLIKstitches said...

The block looks great, and the flowers are lovely xx