Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Chocolate Legacy UFO Top Done

Yessiree, the top is done.  You can read about it from the beginning here.  The original program started back in 2006, and I got it out to finally complete last November, only to spend a few months working on it off and on.

I took pictures this evening, so the lighting is not so great, but this quilt is the biggest one I have ever made.  It is laying on a queen size bed, and almost hangs down to the floor on all sides.  I'm glad it came out this big, because I wanted it to fit nicely on my King size bed.

Now the challenge will be to get it sandwiched and quilted.  I found, after much searching on the internet, backing that is 108" wide and from Moda's Chocolat line.  It is red tone on tone just like below.  I am not usually a fan of red, but I think I am really going to like this one, and it "fits" perfectly with all the prints from this line.  

I have formulated a couple of quilting ideas for this top, but I will wait to see once I get it all sandwiched, before I decide which way to go.


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