Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Coming Home!

Happy dance! I'm doing the happy dance!

I think everyone knows by now, I have a son in the Army and he has been deployed to Afghanistan for the last nine months. Well, he is coming home sometime this week! (The military doesn't allow the exact to be put out on social medias for the troops security reasons, so you'll have to just wait for the next few days for more details.)

My parents flew in today from New Mexico so we can all go together to see him come in at his base, as the military has ceremonies of the troops for the families when the come home. It will be emotional and very moving, and exciting! I will pics share more details after he is home on USA soil safe and sound.


Jan said...

I can't imagine both the worry and the pride you must have experienced in the past nine months. Please, give your son one extra hug from us, the family in PA he helped keep safe!

God bless,

Dora, the Quilter said...

So very glad he will be home! Have a wonderful reunion!