Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Really? Just This Much

Have you ever been at the end, or in my case today, almost at the end of my project and run out of bobbin thread?  Today, I had less than a 2"x6" area to complete the meandering quilting of the baby quilt I had started yesterday.  I used to get really upset, but I also used to be more pressed for time.  Now that I am not working, it didn't even bother me.  But I went ahead and took a picture and decided to do a post, as I know it has happened to all of us who not only quilt, but any sewing with our machines.

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Kimberly Paradiso said...

Yes, I know what you mean and have had it happen when I wasn't paying attention or thought there would be just enough! ;) Thanks for stopping by my blog. You make beautiful quilts! Have a blessed day!