Saturday, July 27, 2013

Squeezed One In

I squeezed a new commissioned order in between my three bag order.  I worked on this one for the last two days, and my customer is just so excited and really likes the result.  He special ordered this for his girlfriend's birthday (which is Aug 4th), so we were cutting it close.  The customer's request was the camo two zip hipster, with a pink lining and with pink stitching.  This is the final result.

I used dark pink zippers for the outside pocket, and for the top opening.

And for the lining, I used a pink camo that has the "Browning" deer logo overlaid on the print.  It is hard to see in the lining, but below is a better picture of the fabric.

Look real hard, the deer is there, just sideways!  

1 comment:

Connie said...

How neat and I can see the deer! She will love it! Thanks for sharing.
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