Monday, November 17, 2014

It's Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas

This year, I am getting into the Christmas mood earlier than in the past.  Not sure why, but it is better than being Bah Humbugish?  Right?

Anyway, I hung up my Christmas Wreath wallhanging that I completed last week, on the corner wall in my office corner.

I have also been making wrapping paper for gifts on my list.  I started it last year, making pillow cases for the wrapping paper, because the cost of good wrapping paper is almost the same as fabric.  I now refuse to pay that much for paper when I can get fabric.  Just sayin'.  

Here is a peek for the kiddos gifts:

Quite awhile back, I posted about working on this quilt, and it went to my son's apartment, because his girlfriend gets colder that he does, and he wanted to know if I had a quilt I could send his way for her.  Now for Christmas, I want to get her a gift, so I dug out my scraps to the quilt and had enough to make two pillow cases.  

Another one checked off my list!!


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