Thursday, April 9, 2015

Applique Blocks

A couple of posts ago, I showed a sneak peek of the appliqué' blocks that I started working on for the Patchwork Party Spring Edition 2007 BOM that I pulled out as my next UFO project.

It has taken more time to complete these blocks than I originally planned on spending.  But as the saying goes, in for the penny, in for the pound.  Lots of little pieces, lots of time doing placement, lots and lots of satin stitching around all the little pieces.

I will have to say, this is also a learning curve for me, as I have not in the past ever used the satin stitch on an appliqué.  I had to figure the best place to start, how to pivot in the "V" parts of the pieces, how to move slowly around curves, and how to make crisp points.  You probably can tell the areas I first worked on in the learning curve, as it shows some not so perfect stitching.  All in all though, I really like the way they all turned out.

Here are the appliquéd blocks:

This block is called Nosegay.

This block is called Rose at Dawn.

This block is called Floribunda.

This block is called Sweet Dahlia. 

This block is called Antique Tulip.

This block is called Tulip Time.

The blocks are beautiful, and will blend in with the 12 sampler blocks just perfectly, so it was worth the time and effort in getting them done.  


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Benta AtSLIKstitches said...

Oh wOw well done for finishing them!