Thursday, July 28, 2016

2016 Finished Quilts - Tumbler - Quilt 3

Again, I have a few posts about this quilt as I was working on it.  You can read more about it here.
I will repeat that this is a Bonnie Hunter Leader and Ender 2015 project.    It was done in 30's reproduction fabrics, which I have a whole tub full.  No print was repeated in the 5" tumblers

I will admit, that this is not one of my favorite template patterns to sew together. It was hard to put two tumblers together off 1/4" at both ends and then sew them together, hoping it would look right when you went to press the seam.   But I like the end result!

I really like the backing (yellow 30's print) and the pink binding.

This quilt is currently on my side of the bed.  We have a Split King-Cal sleep number bed, so basicly it is a oversized twin, and this fits perfectly.  I used a poly-cotton blend inexpensive batting, and the quilt just envelopes you.  It's lighter than my 100% cotton batting quilts, so I am calling it my summer quilt.  

The new Bonnie Hunter leader & ender project was just announced last week.  It is an Hour Glass pattern, and I will be making it using that tub of 30's prints.  I want to make this one for my side of the bed again, only longer so it will tuck in and stay on the bed better .  Then this tumbler quilt will be my go to travel quilt.  

Next are the specific facts about the quilt:

Size: 64" X 90"
Fabric Lines Used:  30's Reproductions prints for various fabric lines

Pattern:  Leader / Ender 5" Tumbler
Designer:  Bonnie Hunter
Long Arm Quilter:  Carol Nelson Logan
Year Began:  2015
Year Completed: 2016


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It's beautiful! Great finish