Sunday, October 30, 2016

Quiltville"s Mystery Quilt 2016

Bonnie Hunter's new mystery quilt has started this year.  This will be the third year that I am going to participate.  

First off, Bonnie just released her latest book, Addicted to Scraps, and along with her book she created a new ruler and offered them as a package deal, and hinted she would be using her new ruler in this year's mystery.  So, I placed my order (sucker) and it came in the mail this week.  I also picked up a set of her playing cards.  A nice novelty to have around, since we all like to play cards.

As like prior years, Bonnie releases her theme name and the paint chip colors around Halloween.  This year's theme name is En Provence from when she went on a tour earlier this year.  You can click on the button I have on the right side of my blog and get all the details for this years mystery if interested.  The goal with the paint chips is to give you an idea of the colors that will be used in the quilt, and since she is all things scrappy it is suggested to pull from your current fabric stash.  I did not think that I would have any, much less enough, of these colors in my stash to follow her color suggestions this year.  But surprise, surprise, surprise, I did have all of what is pictured below in my stash.  I couldn't believe it!!!

The prior two years, I have not followed Bonnie's color suggestions, and used alternate colors (matching values) using Thimbleberries scrappy one year and just four Fig Tree Fabrics w/ a constant background last year.  I am looking forward to doing it this way this year.  Follow along with me over the next 8 weeks to see all the weekly clues, progress and the final reveal of the mystery quilt.

I usually wait until I get finished with a quilt to find a backing.  Sometimes years later.  But, this year while visiting an out of town quilt shop, I found this piece that was pre-cut and discounted.  I pick up 9 yards for under $75.  What a score.  it has all the colors of the paint chips, and I think will work perfect as a backing for this quilt.  It is from the Dowtown Abbey Collection.

I have gotten 8 more UFO quilts back from my long arm quilter, but the weather has been nasty here in the Pacific Northwest, so I haven't been able to get out and take some nice pictures of the finished quilts.  So far, I have 6 of them bound, and have 2 to finish.  I also have 5 quilts at the long arm quilter getting quilted, so will have lots to write about in the next few weeks if I can get pictures.


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Benta AtSLIKstitches said...

Oh wow, love those colours! That's going to look fab! My quilt group is doing a mystery quilt and knowing how much you love them I was inspired to try .... But then I read that for this one some blocks are cut at 1.25" I decided this is not for me! PlumQuilts is going it - I'm just watching!!!