Friday, February 10, 2017

Quilt of Valor Stars 2017 Project - January Block - Friendship

Since last year was the year of getting UFO's done (25 total), I wanted to do something that would give back to the community.  One day I was pursuing FaceBook, and came across a group that makes blocks for quilts that get given to Veterans.  

The FB group is called Quilts of Valor Stars.  They are not the group, but follow their guidelines for making quilts for veterans.  

Each month, members are asked to make a block or several blocks with a chosen block pattern, and then asked to mail them to the organizers who then will assemble the blocks, add borders, donate batting, add backing and then they have long arm quilters who donate their time to quilt the finished product, and then finally they have someone do the binding.  

For each block made, you can donate a name of a veteran you would like to receive a quilt.  When they have a completed quilt, they draw a name out of a hat and make arrangements to present the quilt to the veteran.

You can find out more about this group here, and you can join up as well and start making blocks.

January there was a call put out for the group to make 600 blocks.  The need it greater than the supply.  So they asked that the members make the Friendship block for January's goal.

I was able to pull from my scrap buckets and found some red, blue and white.  I made these blocks, mixing it up a little bit and ended up making 24 blocks.  The blocks are 12.5" square, and it only takes 12 blocks to make a quilt (adding sashing and borders).  

Next week I will be working on the February block and give you a look at it in my next QOV post.


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Lovely! I do like that block x