Saturday, April 7, 2012


I missed my LQS club last month, it snowed, and I don't drive in the snow. That's another whole story for a later post. So, I went yesterday, and picked up what I missed last month and the current block.

When I got home, I laid it all out (pictured below) and realized I am way behind. Normally it would only be one missed block and the current block. But....I am doing an alternate block, the extra embroidery project (which is two blocks a month), and a mystery quilt section per month.

So how far behind am I?

Regular Club Block - 2 blocks

Alternate Block - 2 blocks

Embroidery Blocks - 6 blocks (ha! I didn't get the month before the month missed done yet)

Mystery Quilt Blocks - 3 sections (again I didn't get the month before the month missed done)

Total Blocks = 13+ depending on the amount of pieces/blocke for the mystery quilt sections.


Oh well, my list is always ever ending, ever changing, and ever blissful! Wouldn't have it any other way.....

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