Saturday, July 21, 2012

LQS Blocks July

I worked on these Wednesday, but I had more to post about and decided to spread it all out over a couple of day's posts. Again these are my monthly local quilt club blocks, the 30's prints as the club block, and the Asian print in the alternative block.

If you notice, the Asian print block looks different. I cut the prints opposite for two of the prints causing it to have a totally different look even though it is the same patterned block. I liked the. Way it turned out, so I am going to leave it like this for the quilt.


LynCC said...

ooo - the Asian print block is so pretty. Love the ring effect that switching the cut-out pattern created.

LynCC said...

And it's nice to see you over at BOMs Away :D

littlelixie said...

Found you from the Sew Many Ways linky. Love the blocks!