Tuesday, October 7, 2014

A Treat From My Husband

I have been asking my husband for about the past five years to build me a greenhouse.  This fall, a couple of weeks ago to be exact, he decided to build me one!  I am so excited, as I want to extend my garden growing by starting new plants in the spring, and keep growing some vegetables into the fall/winter.

I have had these plans picked out for the last three years that I found on Pinterest.  If interested, here is the link  to the greenhouse plans (their free!).

Here it is all framed out!  It is a gable shape, 10' X 12', and corrugated tin around the bottom.

This is hubby being silly when I was trying to take pictures.  He's a lot of fun to work with and be around.

Here is the corrugated plastic sheets that will finish the greenhouse.

 Of course, here is hubby working on getting the sheets screwed into the frame.

We had just beautiful fall weather to work on such a project.  We should be done with the outside this week, and then we can start working on the inside.  I plan on having a washtub sink (complete with plumbing), work bench tables along each side, a pea gravel floor, and some rods across the ceiling for hanging items.

I'll keep you posted as we proceed to the finished greenhouse.