Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Not Forgotten

I am not one to purchase quilts from the past, made by quilters from earlier times.  Mostly because they are out of my price range, especially here on the west coast.  There's just not that many floating around to be found, and if they are, they usually very expensive.

Well, on the Quilt Run 101 last weekend, hubby and I stopped in one junk antique shop, only because it had some pink "Fenton" glass in the window.  We purchases a matching pair of pink hand painted vases, and while the clerk was packing up the vases, I came across a quilt, stuck under some other pieces of linen.  We dickered some, and I was able to pick it up for $35.  I am happy with the amount I paid, but it is almost shameful to get it at this low price considering all the labor, talent, and time that went in to making it.  At least I know that it will be cherished in its new home!

The quilt has nine embroidered butterflies with a type of log cabin framing around each block.

This is a close up of one of the blocks.

The backing is a yummy butter yellow.  The yellow shows off the quilting, which was done by hand on this quilt.

This shows off the butterfly.  The body of each butterfly was done in a satin stitch.  I had to look real close to see it was done by hand, because the embroider who did this, did it so well that it looked like it was done on a machine.

I love how the quilter added a small patch piece to finish out a row, not even bothering to try to match the colors.  

We all in blog land are always trying to achieve perfectiveness, and making things look like it was made in a factory.  But I just love the how this quilter made a wonderful work of art and didn't match the seams, didn't keep her blocks all one size, and filled in spaces with just slivers of fabric.  What character this quilt has, and will have in it's new home.

It does have a few worn places that I will have to do some work on, only because the fabric was loosely woven, and has shredded from age.  

I am by no means and expert in aging quilts, but if I were to guess, I would say the fabrics come from the 40's.  If anyone else who might know fabrics and the times they represent, please let me know if I am off my a century or two.


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