Friday, October 2, 2015

UFO #2 Finished

If you will remember, this was the year of finishing up as many UFO's as possible.  My ultimate goal was set at 2 per month, but we have already established that bar was set a little too high.  So, I still want to plow through what I have sitting on my table for finishing up as many UFO's this year.

Last night I finished hand sewing down the binding on this  wallhanging quilt.  This particular one was a project that took longer than it should have, but we crossed the finish line, and I couldn't be more happy with how it turned out.  This is the summer version of a four season set, which was part of a Thimbleberries Quilt Club of 2003(you can go back and read more about it here).  It depicts a row of canning jars, a row of watermelon and it's slice, and a row of ears of corn.

I did special straight line quilting to try to depict the ring on a canning jar, and the slanted lines to show the jar had contents.

Here, I echoed quilted the watermelon to have it looked like it was sliced.

And I did the same type of quilting for the slice of watermelon.

I did the middle corn ears with just some straigtht line quilting, but the ears on the end, I got kinda crazy by using a decorative stitch on my machine to make it look like the kernels.  Turned out really cool, but it took way too much tread and time to do each ear in the row.

The backing was purchased about 10 years after I had punched the kit.  I did a search for the specific Thimbleberries fabric that was used in this quilt, and found a piece large enough to do the backing on Ebay.  The print that I found was used in one of the ears of corn, so the backing will be a good match to the whole wallhanging!  

I use Ebay a lot to find missing or older lines of fabric to either complete a quilt or for backings.  Bay rocks for quilters!!


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Benta AtSLIKstitches said...

Really lovely - I keep looking at the canning bottle quilts - maybe one day!!!!