Sunday, October 18, 2015

Hectic Life This Week

Life really has been busy this week.  Here is a recap:

I did manage to get these blocks for the Farmer's Wife 30's Sampler Sew Along.

This is so far, one of my favorites.

This one looks a bit confusing to me, probably my choice of fabrics.  The pink/red flower print was too big to use in such a small block.  I think overall though, it will blend in when the quilt is put together.

This had "Y" seams.  Doing it paper piecing.  "Y" paper piecing seams should be a four letter word!!!

This one reminds me of summer.  

Then I spent a couple of days getting my garden area ready for winter.  I spread two bales of hay along the paths between the raised beds, and covered my carrot and onions.  When I posted this on Facebook, I had a friend tell me to roll my hoses and drain the pipes.  It usually doesn't freeze until late December or January, and I still need water on for the chickens.  

Then towards the end of the week I had cataract surgery.  Yep, at age 55 I had to get this surgery.  It comes as a result of getting cobalt radiation when I was a child.  I am doing fine, and can see much better.  I am going to get the other eye done, as it won't be possible to do a prescription for glasses, and the other eye has the normal start of a cataract, so they will just go ahead and get it done in about 3 weeks. Definitely not my best photo, but wanted to capture the look right after surgery that day.  Smile!

Since moving my parents up here to live with us, I have been having my dad work on this sewing cabinet.  Remember when I posted about my Sister In Law gifting me the Singer Rocketeer?  And remember the old dingy varnish looking desk it came with, including the water rings and cigarette scars?  Well, Dad spent hours sanding off the old varnish, priming it, and then painting it a very light blush  rose color.  I also had him change out the drawer hardware with knobs and handles with pretty rose motifs.  What a transformation!!! I couldn't be more excited.  He did such a good job.

Well, onto another week of busyness and working on all kinds of projects.  



kathy said...

My husband who has worn glasses all his life did the cataract/whatever surgery a year ago. He loves seeing without his old glasses. We had to immediately go shopping for readers and normal people sunglasses. He says it doesn't feel right without wearing glasses.
I don't have chickens so I drain my hoses anytime now. Good job putting the garden to bed.
Love that you're dealing with live-in parents so well - bonus score of handyman.

Lee said...

Pretty blocks, even the one with the pink/red big flower! I especially like the blue & yellow one you said reminds you of summer.

Benta AtSLIKstitches said...

Gorgeous blocks, and dad's done a great job! Glad the eye is recovering x

Yesteryear Embroideries said...

Beautiful blocks! Oh, I hope your eyes heal got to keep up your quilting! So good that your Dad could revive the sewing cabinet. Looks lovely! I wish I had everything ready for the winter like is still a little warm here, but I need to start planning on getting ready!