Friday, August 28, 2015

Vintage Machine Addiction

I am fairly certain, I have been bitten and now addicted in obtaining vintage sewing machines.  I have obtained another vintage machine, and the story goes like so:

My SIL was at my parents house when I bought this vintage machine.

Upon explaining why I wanted to own an older vintage machine, she asked, very causally, would I like her Grandmother's sewing machine.  I off-handly said sure and didn't think much about it.

I have been sewing on this machine for about 5 weeks and just love how it sews.  Of course, then I just had to start following a couple of groups on Facebook regarding vintage non-singer machines, Featherweight machines, and Vintage Singer Machines.  (hope the FB links work, if not just type in these titles in the search part of your FB page.)  Reading all the FB posts about vintage machines, just moved me to appreciate these solid metal work horses!

I really didn't give my SIL's offer much creedence, as it was just said in passing.  Move along 5 weeks later when I come back to my parents house to do the actual moving of them to my home, my SIL again asks if I was serious about taking her Grandmother's machine.  This time, though, she said it was a "really old" singer, and I might not want it.  I again said sure, I would find a place for it and would love to have it.  I asked her if she knew the model, and she said no, but would take pictures and send them to me to look at, and then I could really commit or not in taking the machine, as then she tells me that it is in a big table/desk case.  At this point,  my excitement is growing and I am getting more curious by the minute.

Today, I got a text from my SIL and it had pictures.  I started to look at the first picture, and my heart started beating hard, and I am saying to myself, "Can it really be what I think it is going to be?  Please, please, please let it be what I think it is going to be..."  BAM!  There it was, big as day, a Singer 500A.  I could not believe my eyes.

Can you believe it?  Yes, it is the model that the sewing community calls the rocketeer.  It is one of the most coveted models (in good working condition of course) in the quilting world.  And check out the cabinet that comes with it.  A nice solid piece of furniture.  

My SIL tells me that she remembers her Grandma always sewing on it, and knew it was in good working order the last time she had seen it working.

See there, Model 500A!  


My SIL sent a new picture of all the attachments:

I am astonished, as it has all the original feet, cams, buttonholer, manual, and the case that holds it all. Look at that oval pink case that holds the buttonholer!!  It's a case that has the same shape as the head of the machine.  Most of the time these little things get lost in the shuffle from the many years and owners it goes through until it lands in a safe place.  I am still pinching myself over the package deal it am going to end up with in my home!

It is going on the moving truck and on it's way to my house!  Whoo!! Hoo!!

When I told my SIL how excited I was about the machine and its model number, she was excited in return because she is glad that someone was going to enjoy having it and possibly putting it to use.

Yep, that would be me!

If you want some nightly reading, or more interested in this model, this blog post is most informative about this particular model.



Yesteryear Embroideries said...

Wow how wonderful you have this now. I have never seen a machine like this. It is wonderful that it was your grandmother's. She would be so pleased to know you have it I am sure. Have a great weekend!

Benta AtSLIKstitches said...

Wow - that's fab! The old machines just go on and on!!