Friday, August 21, 2015

New Featherweight Sewing Machine

I was out of town a couple of months ago, and my husband sent me a picture of this:

Then asked if I wanted it?  Wanted it? Of course I wanted it, I have been wanting a Featherweight for years.  On top of that it came with bobbins, extra feet original manual, original lube tube and original oil can.  Then, it also came with the original tray that fits in the original box.  I was jubilant!   

These are the pictures he took and then texted me when he got it home.  Believe it or not he found it at a gun and knife show.  Yep you heard right a gun and knife show.  It's not the first time we have seen one at these shows.  The featherweights in the past though have been totally out of my price range of over $400.  My husband picked this one up for $300.  

According to this expert web site regarding Featherweights, this serial number means that this machine was produced and released for sale on April 22, 1947.  It is not possible to accurately state the manufacturing date of any Singer Featherweight. Singer claims to be able to do this, but the information the  company gives out refers to the dates on which large batches of serial  numbers were released to the various factories. It's pretty safe to assume that  a particular machine was not made before its "birthdate" but it could have  been produced considerably later.  They made 20,000 of them that year. It is amazing to me on just how many they made the whole time they were making the Featherweight, when they are so rare today???  

One of the biggest problems with the old "suitcase" boxes is they stink.  And when I say stink, I mean stink!!!  Apparently the boxes and it's lining were glued with old fashioned glue.  This old fashioned glue is made from animal hooves.  Over time this natural animal hoof glue decomposes and starts to stink.  I researched and researched over the web to see if there was a way to get this stink gone permanently.  I used this method to try to get the stink out.  Basically it uses a 150 watt light bulb to burn off the smell (kinda like baking it out in the sun) for 8 hours.  

So 8 hours I did, and yes the stink was downgraded to just a smell.  Still not a pleasant smell, but not a stink.  It was recommend that one might have to do this procedure more than once.  So when I get back in town I will be doing it again.  I have also placed a shaved bar of dial soap in the box while I wait to try the the light bulb again.

I did get a minute to see how well it sews, and it purred like a kitten, but it wasn't threaded, so I don't know what kind of a seam it will be sewing.  When I get back home and get my parents settled, I will be working on bringing the machine out and seeing how well it sews.  Supposedly, Featherweight owners name their machines, usually old fashioned names like Beatrice, so I will have to think about a name.   I'll  have more pictures then too!



Benta AtSLIKstitches said...

Lucky you (for the fab husband as well as the fab machine!) try bicarbonate of soda in the box, I know it absorbs smells from Tupperware dishes so should help, and can't do any harm!

kathy said...

I was also going to suggest baking soda.
Fantastic score.