Sunday, May 15, 2016

Log Cabin UFO

I have done several posts about UFO's and past BOM's that I am working on getting completed, and this post will be about such BOM.

I also have talked extensively about the designer, Lynette Jensen of Thimbleberries.  I have mentioned that I cut my quilting teeth on her patterns, as they are user and newbie friendly.  I have never had to make an adjustment or have pieces not fit perfectly together in any pattern of hers.  

During 2008 and 2009, the Main Street Cotton Shoppe did several BOM's featuring Thimbleberries new line of fabrics, her favorite past patterns, and other topics.  This UFO BOM is called Anniversary Club that began in April 2008. Yes, I make a notebook of all the information about each and every BOM that I choose to do.  Even though this might seem a bit tedious, I am glad I did this in the beginning of my quilting, because going back to older UFO's and BOM's, I have all the pertinent information and can pick up right where I left off of the projects.

This Anniversary Club BOM uses one of Lynette's books called, In Celebration of Quilting, which is a collection of her best (favorite) quilting patterns.

The patterns are separated out based on the four seasons.  There is 12 patterns in the book and the Anniversary Club did all 12 patterns with one coming each month.  

I had started one of the projects when it came in the mail, and I finished it back in November 2014, and I posted about it here.

The next project I chose was the one for October, called Log Cabin.  This project is on the front cover of the book and also I had cut out all the pieces back in 2008.  It got put away in a show box, so I pulled it out, because it was easy to pull out and just start sewing it.

The log cabin pattern has always been one of my favorite quilt block patterns.  It is one of the classic antique quilt block patterns that I seem to lean to in my collection of favorites.  You can read about the history of the log cabin quilt block here if interested.

The log cabin quilt in the book was made with country colors of red, beige, and blue, but this project used one of Lynette's newest fabric lines during that year called, Harvest Eve.

Below is a completed block with 12 of the 24 prints used from this line.  The strips are 1 1/2" in width and the finished block measures 8 1/2" square.  I chose, of course, to do this in a random, scrappy layout.

The quilt requires 80 blocks.  There will be 8 blocks across and 10 blocks down.  Here is my pile of 80 blocks a portion of the way done.  

This is the lay out that the quilt will have, as I like the way it looks on the cover of the book, so I am going to do it the same way.

I finished all the blocks this evening, so I will be assembling them in the next few days.  The book has the option of no borders or borders, and the project kit did not have enough fabric to do borders, so it will be made without borders.  This will be one of the first quilts that I have done that doesn't have a border.  I think I am going to like it.  We'll see...


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I love log cabin quilts - and really lovely colours!!!!