Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Taking a Stab at Applique

I just completed this, Block 1 of Amela's Rose Garden. I still have much, lots, a ton to learn about hand applique. I really struggled with this, probably because I chose a complicated tiny piece project to tackle for my first project. I have 13 more blocks, and a center mediallon to do before this quilt will be done. Yikes!

I am not sure whether to plow ahead and keep working on it, or if I should try some larger pieces project, to get in some good practice? What does anyone out there think?


Beth said...

Dear Renee, I found your blog from SewManyWays Find a friend Mr Linky! I have done a bit of applique but never really DOVE in. I was going thru my quilt magazines in an attempt to pare them down, just pulling out what interested me. I put them in a page protector to keep them organized. I came across an applique method that appealed to me, so (as I'm starting a Dear jane this week), I too am diving into applique. I say keep going on this as long as it 'calls your name'. When it does NOT, quilt it and give it as a gift! I am loving your Farmers Wife blocks. They are spurring me on to prep my next set of Jane blocks! What are you using for needles and thread? I lean toward straw needles (very thin, very long, and kinda bendy) and silk thread. The thread just disappears into the fabric! MAGIC! I have subscribed to your blog, so I can keep up with your FW blocks. Beth in AZ (PS I'm a Christian too)

Silvana said...

Your appliqué is amazing!