Monday, December 10, 2012

No Sew December

December is always a busy month for everyone.  It was even more so when the boys were little, but even now, I find that the month takes on a whole life of it's own.  Everybody is either super busy or out and it makes it difficult to get things done.  Most things that I normally enjoy become a chore.  I haven't gotten in one lick of sewing this month, not that I needed to get any done for gifts, but I get cranky when I am unable to sew.  On top of that, hubby has two gun shows this month, and that takes up two weekends.  We just did one of the two shows this last weekend, and we were slammed.  It was extremely busy, especially Saturday. 
But on Sunday, I was able to get a couple of baby blankets done for my Etsy Shop.  These blankets are college themed fleece fabric that have a crochet edging around them.  These get listed in my shop, but I have made hundreds for charity over the last couple of years.  I give them to my local law enforcement officers to carry around in their vehicles, so that if they come across a baby or small child that is dirty, they have a clean and soft blanket to wrap them in.  Most of the officers keep a couple in their trunks and use them more than I would like to believe that there is that much of a need. 
I listed one of the  yellow and green ones on my sight about two weeks ago, and it sold in a matter of two days, so I got busy and made some more and put them up in my shop yesterday.  I am hoping that people know that shipping becomes a nightmare the closer we get to Christmas.
PS...Could you tell that I have the bah hum bugs bad this year.  Maybe it will get better as we move towards Our Saviour's Birth!

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Connie said...

Great blankets and I'm sure the police officers are grateful to have a few on hand too. Have a wonderful Christmas! Thanks for sharing.
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