Friday, December 14, 2012

Vintage Christmas Present

I have a dear friend / co-worker that loves all things vintage.  She is a big collector of the potholders that were crocheted into all kinds of designs and colors.  When she showed me her collection, she made a comment that it is a dying skill that now one does anymore.  I told here that I can do them because I can crochet, but had never made potholders.  I don't think she believed me, so when  I found this pattern on Pinterest, and thought about crocheting up a couple of them for her for Christmas.

Her kitchen is decorated in red accents, so I picked the colors red and ecru and whipped them up in about two hours.  I used cotton yarn to make them stronger and more durable, which is why the made up faster than If I had used cotton thread.

Then I looked through my dish towel fabric that I have, and found the perfect match, red and ecru!  The toweling is from Moda, comes 18"wide, hemmed on the sides.  I just cut to a length of 24" and hemmed each end.  A perfect match, if I say so myself!

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