Monday, December 31, 2012

I. AM. DONE. (At least 1/2)

Yes, believe it or not, I met two goals today. (Close your eyes, and imagine me doing the happy dance) I completed the color way "Moda" Breath of Avignon, Farmer's Wife's blocks for December, and thus the whole set to complete the quilt.  This means, I have done 110 blocks this year.  This color way was part of an online quilt-a-long, that started in February, so I got a late start on them, and had to double up the number I did per month to get the set completed by the end of the year.  The quilt-a-long fizzled out about the fourth month, but I really wanted to keep going and make my goal of getting them all done by the end of the year.

Let me say, that this was a much bigger task that I could have ever realized or imagined.  Most of the blocks are multiple pieces, complicated assembly, and tiny pieces, making it all that more difficult to work with in getting them together.  Some blocks should have been done in a paper piece method, but I am not talented in that area, so I struggled to piece these blocks.  Another area that I made an error in, was the templates I printed out were not at 100% scale.  Which, would have been fine, if I had made all the blocks with just the templates, but I bought into the quilt-a-long's use of Marti Michell's templates for some of the most repeated used pieces.  After the first 10 blocks I did in February, I made the decision to cut out all remaining 100 blocks, so that I could just sit down and make a block or two when I had short times to do some sewing.  About half-way into the next 10 blocks, I realized that my templates were off.  But since I had already cut out all the blocks, I knew I would be in for a struggle to get all the remaining blocks to fit together properly.  So mixing the full sized templates with the printed templates at less than 100% scale, made for some mis-matched pieces and blocks, as each block size was to be 6.5 inches square.  My blocks range from 6.0 inches to 6.5 inches, so I am going to make it work with the sashing when putting the blocks together.

So with further ado, here are my December blocks for the "Moda" Breath of Avignon color way....

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