Monday, April 22, 2013

Dresden Plate Quilt Top Completed

Remember the post about the beginning of my Dresden Plate quilt  here?  And then there was nothing for quite some time?  All because I was working full time and doing trade shows one after another every weekend for like forever?  Well, between working outside on my flower beds and garden beds, catching up on laundry, and house work, I also squeezed in some quality sewing time, and along with the other items I have posted, I can now post my finished quilt top of the Dresden Plate.  Let me apologize first for the picture, as it had to be done inside, because here in the Pacific Northwest we have very few days of sunshine and without rain.

This project all began over a year ago with Ann Sutton of Bunny Hill's Scrappy Plate Quilt along.  It is still available on her blog here.  It has all the instructions, and finishing steps.  I am such a fan of traditional quilting, so I opted to make mine in a 30's reproduction print.  The pieces were easier to make that I thought they would be, and I chose to put the plates on a off white on white small striped background and machine applique my plates down with extra thick thread (jean topstitching thread).

And then for the sashing I chose a pink my Moda called 30's pink in the Bella Solids, and for the corner posts and first border, I chose a 30's pink flower print by Windham, Story Book IV.

So, there you have it, quilt top done!  Now for putting it together, and getting the quilting done.  I looked at Ann Sutton's finished quilt done by a professional quilter, and I am planning to do some of my kind of quilting (meandering) in the places that was done on her quilt. You have to go to her site here to see the pictures of her finished quilt.   Isn't it just beautiful?  I hope to work on getting this one quilted (among a few others) in the near future, while I am not working.


Yesteryear Embroideries said...

So glad you stopped by my blog to say hello. What a beautiful job you have done! The reproduction prints make this so beautiful! Such a lovely quilt!

Kelley Likes said...

So pretty!