Monday, April 29, 2013

One Down, Two to Go

This weekend, as I planned, I got one of the baby quilts completed.  This one the squares are done in printed flannel and soft minkie fabric.  It measures about 40" by 48", which makes a good size for a baby for the first year or so.

 The backing is done with a red minkie fabric to make it extra special soft.  I chose to go with red, because I tend to make baby quilts in a gender neutral color scheme.  and the only other accent color left in the flannel pattern was blue or red.  So I opted for the red, and really like how it turned out.

It is a little thicker than one would be if made with just flannel or cotton fabric.  The nap on the minkie is much thicker and I didn't quilt the minkie areas, because I didn't want do take away from the softness of the quilt.

The flannel squares are quilted by outlining the square and putting an "X" in the square, and was done
in red thread to continue the contrast of the accent color.

And, last, but not least, I found a red flannel that was almost a perfect match to the red minkie on the back, to do the binding.  I find that binding with minkie is rather difficult, because it is so much thicker and doesn't look like it should once it is binded.
So there you have it, one baby quilt done, two more to go.  I am hoping to finish the other one that I posted the top portion of "Newton" fabric line.

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