Thursday, November 21, 2013

My Latest Commissioned Order

Remember when I said I would like to get to quilting my UFO #2 project, but it would have to wait because I received a new commissioned order?  Well, I finished the order today.  It was for two of my mini hipster bags made using the colligate fabric of the Nebraska Huskers.

This is the front view of the first one.  The client wanted the big polkadots as a coordinating print to make it kinda retro for the person receiving the gift.  Cute, huh?

Here is the back view, showing the open pocket.  I have always made a mini key fob to go with these mini hipsters, as there is just enough fabric left over to make one, which is better than just having a small scrap laying around.

This one was for a younger recipient, so I used black as a coordinating print with a matching red zipper.



Nina John said...
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Tracy VT said...

Loving the red.... for both!