Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Tortilla Warmes Complete

If you remember a couple of posts ago, I received a commissioned order for 26 tortilla warmers.  To complicate matters, I had to be out of town for several weeks, and could not work on this project.  I did have my sweet husband mail me the materials, and I was able to do some pre work by getting all the materials cut out.

I started working on making them this last week, and was completing them one by one, and realized, that I would be spending to much time doing it this way.  So I set up an assembly type line, and did each step of the process 52 times (top and bottom), and then the next steps I did each step 26 times until I did the last step completing them all at once.

Here is a picture of the "assembly line" of the pieces.

I am not endorsing this product, but if you can, get those red binder clips from Clover.  They have been a life saver in lining up the pieces in the assembly of these warmers.  They are so much easier to use than pins.  Worth every penny I paid for them.  

So here is the picture of the finished product being shipped off today to the wonderful little boutique Mexican restaurant in Kansas City, MO! 


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