Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Spring Has Taken Over

I have a confession to make, when I read different bloggers who start out a post something along the lines of "Life has gotten in the way of my blogging" I have always judged the blogger rather harshly. Who doesn't have the time to sew, I always make time to sew.  So this this an apology to all those bloggers, because this Spring has taken over my life, and has caused me not to even take a step in the direction of sewing,  quilting and then blogging about it.

I started a new task  hobby, that I thought would not take up  as much time.  Ha! Ha! It  really turned out to have gobbled up time and more time and even more time as the hobby progressed.   If you remember, my wonderful hubby built me a greenhouse last fall, just in time to use it in around mid winter and early spring.  Little did I know how much time would be spent starting over 500 seedlings from scratch and then the effort it takes to get them from seed into the ground is monumental.  The learning curve was rather large, and hopefully I can do better in time management next year. (I have pondered this some, and it is not looking too good right now.)

But the end result is all my new plants in the garden have been either saved from previous years and planted directly in the ground, or seeds that have been grown and nurtured in the greenhouse and then planted in the garden boxes.

Here is a picture of the garden as it stands last week when I planted 56 tomato starts.  (I even gave away several plants to my neighbors and my hubby's coworkers.)

This picture is a pano pic of the whole one side of my back yard.  Starting at the left is my chicken house and yard, then the garden is in the middle, then the greenhouse is next to the back of the house.  It is all nicely fenced off and in sections, making it nice to keep out the dogs, and gives the chickens some area to live freely as well.  

This is just the food garden area,  I have three large flower beds around the property that I also grew annual and perennial flowers and plants that have been set out and planted as well.

So, in closing, while I am so delighted in the outcome of this endeavor, I have also had to sacrifice time in the sewing room to accomplish this new hobby of mine.

P.S.  I did sneak an evening of sewing one day last week, but I worked on the pieced sashings for the the Prairie Primrose quilt that I have been working on since last fall.  I did't want to bore you again with a single post about them, as you have seen several posts on the progress already.

What I like about this little project is that, I can just sit down and start sewing without thinking about how to sew them up, as I already have the pieces cut out, and I know how to sew them without looking at a pattern and it gives me a sense of accomplishment in the area of my sewing life.

These are old pictures you have see before, but it gives you an idea of what I worked on the other night.  My box of pre cut pieces is almost empty, I think I have 6 sets left to get sewn up, and then I will be ready to piece it together.



BillieBee (billiemick) said...

Looks to me like you are going to really enjoy gardening. Lots of fresh air and exercise.

Benta AtSLIKstitches said...

Gardening has never interested me, but realistically we have one section that is just grass and another that is just weeds so yours looks much more exciting!!!