Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Update on Daisychain ABC Project

Remember last year I started this project as a way to have something else to do while sitting with my Mom while she was in rehab.  I am sitting with my Mom and Dad this year for different ailments, so I brought along this project to work on again.  So fare I have done the following letters this year:

The letter "K":

The letter "L":

The Letter "M":

The letter "N":

And the letter "O":

This completes another line in the sampler.  There are five lines/rows in the sampler, so I only have two left to complete the embroidery work.  I am using thread colors to match the color way from Moda's Sunkissed line of fabrics.  I have three quilts in the making using this line, and wanted this sampler to have the same colors to decorate my guest bedroom.  I will be using some of the scrap leftovers from the quilt projects to frame the sampler when I complete it.

Also back in 2012, here, I started a crocheted granny square project using the same colors as in the Sunkissed fabric line.  I brought it along too on this trip, to break the boredom of working on just one project.  So I have done about 10 more of these granny squares, and actually I am about done in getting the squares completed.  This is just a sample of three of the squares I have done,  I didn't get one with a pink border done in time for pictures.

Then I also did two more hexies.  

I seem to move right along during the down times with looking after my parents.   


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