Friday, September 2, 2016

A Foster Dog

Meet 2 year old Roscoe:

His is a Rhodesian Ridgeback mix.  Some say he is mixed with pit, some say mastaff, and some say boxer.  It doesn't matter, he is a wonderful dog.  Potty trained, comes when called, sits on command, no aggression at all.  He is a big strong love ball.  

He came to us on last Monday through one of my sons.  His girlfriend's brother's ex-wife's dad owned Roscoe, but passed away a few weeks ago.  Roscoe spent his two years in a basement with his owner, by his side until he passed.  Dogs are wonderful!!!

I am fostering him for my oldest son, while they are in the processing of purchasing their home.  Then he will go to his forever home.


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kathy said...

This is lovely that you can have the dog stay with you. I recently had to say goodbye to my nearly 15 year old dog. It's still quite sad around here. I'm glad you have this cute one to help you out during the day.