Monday, September 5, 2016

New Addition to the Singer Slant Machine Collection

By now everyone should know that I am on a Vintage Sewing machine kick.  You can see all my treadle, vintage, and modern machines on my "Sewing Machines" tab at the top of my blog.

My first Singer Slant machine was the Rocketeer from my Sister in Law.  It is a 500A.  Then I, by chance, picked up the 401A at my local quilt shop.  

So to complete the series, I needed wanted to add a 301A.  The hunt was one.  I found this one on Ebay, and the seller had a price or make an offer.  So I made an offer, and they counter offered and I bought it.  It came with a lot of goodies, some of the accessories were not for this machine, so I suspect the original owner had a couple of machines and all the sewing accessories were thrown together with this machine.  I can use the other accessories on other vintage machines that I own, so there was no lose in that package.

This is the original picture from the Ebay ad.

Here she is all sorted out and straighten up.  

I was super excited with this machine, because it came with a suitcase to hold the machine and all the accessories that it came with, including a button hole attachment, a box full of feet, and a tray full of miscellaneous items a sewer would normally have in her box.

All of my slant machines are the tan colored ones.  Some of these models came in black, but since it all started out with a tan one, I kept the series the same color.  

I haven't had a chance to sew on it yet, as I am still using the 401A.  This one and the 500A, Rocketeer, will be winter projects of setting them up and using them for a few months each.  If they are anything like the 401A, they all should be a dream to use.

This one, the Singer 301A, is the big sister to the Featherweight.  They both use the same bobbin, which is different from the later models.  They thread from right to left, totally opposite of any other sewing machine.  It is just a little heavier than the Featherweight, and the end of the bed flips up for easy storage and carry.  It would make a nice machine to take and use at a class.

I think I am done for awhile.  No guarantees though, Sigh!!!!



kathy said...

Both my mom and my grandma had this machine. I was given my mom's machine for high school graduation and I stupidly traded it in in my 20's for a New Home which did last 20 years before all the plastic parts imploded. I received my grandma's 301 when we moved my mom and dad to a smaller home recently. I'm not so stupid now. I have the attachments for both machines though. Also - I run across accessories all the time at sales. If you're looking for a particular foot or buttonhole cam - let me know.

Benta AtSLIKstitches said...

It looks very similar to my mums machine - and hers has been going strong for over 55 years!!!!