Monday, December 5, 2016

En Provence Mystery Quilt Part 2

I woke up Friday morning and true to Bonnie's word, she posted part 2 of the mystery Quilt.  Well, I went ahead and printed out the instructions, and gathered all the materials and took a picture. 

But, that is about as far I as I could go in working on this clue, because I had to be at the surgical center shortly after printing off the instructions.  I had endoscopic knee surgery, repairing a torn MCL and removing a bone spur that had broken off and floating around under my knee cap.

Flowers my son sent for a quick recovery.  I have had a quick recovery.  I spent 48 hours with my knee elevated (just like the instructions).  Today I have little to no pain.  

I am busy getting a few household items done this morning, but I squeezed in a practice run of two blocks to see if I understood the instructions.  I managed to only have to rip out once and now the final pieces come out to the correct size.  So, I feel confident, when I can spend more time sitting (I need to elevate the knee again this afternoon, as I don't want it to start to swell up) 

If you are interested and would like to participate in Bonnie Hunter's Mystery Quilt this year, click on the link below and it will take you to her blog post on Quiltville.

More on this and other projects later this week.


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Benta AtSLIKstitches said...

Hope your knee mends quickly! Enjoy the mystery quilt