Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Little Wallet

I have used this pattern since it came out several years ago.  This is the only thing I carry, as I don't carry a purse.  I learned to to this when I traveled so much with my job.

Several people who see what I have done in downsizing my purse carrying wallet, have asked for some special orders.  Recently, I got an order for ten.  So, I went looking for my trusty pattern, and nope, nada, nothing.  I tore my sewing room apart looking for my pattern.  I remember putting it in a safe place a place I will never remember again (Ha! Ha!).  Now, it is off to the only store I remember seeing it for sale, and fortunately they had one, yes one, left.  

I went on a treasure hunt through my stash of fat quarters.  I needed two different prints for each little wallet, so I worked on finding sets of two matching prints.

Worked on getting them all cut out (see the paperwork in the background?  That's a whole 'nother story in my hectic life), and started sewing them together.

The wonder clips are a wonderful tool in working with these types of projects.  The best part for me is I will remove them before stitching that spot they are holding.  I am not so diligent in removing pins, and have broken more needles than I would like to admit.

Here is the first three I got done.  I change up the pattern a bit, by adding velcro for a closure instead of a snap, and I add my "Wren's Nest" label with a key ring.  I also add a birdie charm to each key ring as a symbol of the wren and my business.  I sew a button on the front of the flap to cover where the velcro is underneath.

When I get each one done, I package them in a clear envelope and slap a "Wren's Nest" label on each one.  All nicely done in a perfect little package.

Here they are all done and packaged up and ready to go to the customer.   Hope all the people that receive one will enjoy using them as much as I do.


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kathy said...

This is a favorite pattern of mine too. Somewhere on my cutting table is a couple cut out but lost in the shuffle of UFO's and busyness and my constant derailments for shiny new things.
I just completed a new fun bi-fold wallet in cork that I am loving as it's super quick to put together if you use non-fraying materials like cork or vinyl/leather. Rawly's wallet by Clobird. (I'll blog about it after the birthday boy opens it on the 18th.
Glad you got the custom order and did not lose your marbles making ten of them. I use a set-in snap with my snap pliers as I dislike velcro sounds.
Happy Holidays!