Wednesday, April 19, 2017

2017 Spring Is Finally Happening

Finally, I think we are going to have a Spring around here.

I have started some seedlings of flowers and vegetables in the greenhouse, but it is still too cool at night, so I have a heater going to help them along.

Thank goodness most of my herbs are perennials and come back every year.  I found these glass herb signs while waiting for my Mom's prescriptions to be filled at the drug store.  I thought they would look super cute in the barrels.  

These are planters on my back porch filled with spring blooming annuals to brighten up the place.

My chickens have a new place to play in the backyard.  I fenced off an area of half of the back yard, so they can come and go to lay eggs in the hen house and roam picking at the grass and be more free range.  They are very happy chickens.  

This is a flower bed off my back porch that the perennials are coming up nicely.  

I had a spot up front along my garage driveway that I have been building up for a couple of years, so that I could plant me a mini orchard.  Late fall, I picked these tress up and got them planted, and now they are blooming.  I couldn't be happier.

Rainer Cherry Tree

Peach Tree

Pear Tree (grafted with 6 different types of pears)

I am holding my breath for some warmer weather, but that probably won't be such a good idea, as the Pacific Northwest warm weather can wait to come clear into June.  Waiting....

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