Sunday, May 21, 2017

Vintage Sampler Block 6

It has been over seven months since I have written about this BOM.  I have gotten behind on BOM's in the past, but this one was none of my fault.  I have been so upset about this BOM with the quilt shop that sponsored it.  You couldn't participate or buy the complete BOM without going through a local quilt shop.  I signed up almost a year ago, and got the first five blocks with not problem.  Then a couple of months went by, and nothing.  I called, and they stated they would be getting it started again soon.  Another month went by, and then I asked to speak to the owner of the Quilt shop.  She told me they mis-calculated the ordering of the fabric for the number of participants, and they were working on getting more fabric to finish out the BOM.  They would be getting out the next block within the next week.  Well, she was good to her word, and I received the sixth block.  Then, again, one month, two months went by and nothing.  So, I called again, and asked to speak to the store manager.  Not in, and I left a message, not really expecting a return call.

But she called the next morning, and told me that the next block was due to go out in June.  June?  Why the wait?  She stated that they just got in the rest of the fabric and wanted to get the kits cut up.  I said that I wasn't too happy about stringing this out any more than it has already had been, and really didn't want to wait that long agin.  She then said that they sent out the sixth block at no charge as a way of apologizing for the mess up of this BOM.  I stated that I had been charged for the sixth block.  Then out of the blue, she asked if I would like to receive the rest of the blocks and the setting block all at once.  She should not charge me for block 7, and charge me for the remaining 5 blocks and send them out the next day.  I jumped on that offer so fast, as I wanted to get the remaining blocks now and know that I would be getting all the rest of the BOM without stringing it out any more than it has been so far.

So, I am back on track with this BOM, Vintage Sampler, and couldn't be happier.

Here is block 6:

It is really interesting how laying out a block just a little different, you get a completely different block.  This was the way I sewed the first block of two and it wasn't correct, so I had to take it apart and put it together the right way.

This is the right way, block 2.

As we are approaching the finish line of this quilt, it is beginning to require adding the sashing and building blocks to the main blocks.

Sashing added.

Building blocks and sashing building for future blocks.

This is a peek at block 7, it has three appliqué blocks and several joining of sashing and building blocks.   This block was one of the main reasons I chose to do this BOM.  My name is pronounced like the bird Wren with a hard E on the end.  Something like Rennie, Renny, (try rhyming with Jennie, or Jenny, only with a R)  Anyways, wren like birds alway attract me, and this quilt is no exception.  I also liked the shirting fabric that is being used as the background.

I am feeling very relieved, having all the rest of the BOM blocks and knowing I can get this one done sooner than later.

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Benta AtSLIKstitches said...

What appalling service! They should have been contacting you not the other way around - at least you have it all now - looks amazing!