Thursday, January 26, 2012

Herb garden

I have gotten one of those nasty colds that are going around this time of year and along with the dreary weather, I am looking forward to Spring.

I've gotten garden fever and I'm getting excited about my several gardens around our place. I have started getting seed catalogs, and can spend endless hours pouring over them, planning my several gardens. I admit, though, we travel about three hours south to Territorial Seed Company to get seeds, live plants, and bulbs. This company is located here in Oregon, but sell nationwide. What I like best about them, is they have both genetic and organic products and the seeds and live plants are indigenous ot the Pacific Northwest.

The year before last, I started this herb bed. Most of what I put in here are perennials, and all have thrived. I only have to replant basil each year. I use both fresh and dried herbs in my cooking and canning.

More about my garedning in weeks to come......

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