Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Today I am launching my blog "Wren's Nest" as a celebration of a newly built sewing room. I have always dreamed, planned, wished to have a dedicated sewing room. In the beginning of my sewing years, I sewed clothes, crafts, did bridal work, tailoring and alterations.

I have had my sewing space in a corner of my bedroom (until I got married), then moved into the hall closet, to a bedroom when children began moving out of the house.

But even with the increased amount space, this space lacked a lot - decent to good lighting - having enough outlets, much less in good locales - shortage of storage - and other creature comforts.

With all this said, my DH, built a 14' X 18' foot sewing room! It is right off the kitchen (so I can watch dinner and still sew), also it is next to the laundry room (to do two things at once almost), and it has a picture window that looks out to my veggie, herb, flower gardens, and onto my lovely chickens.

I will be posting pictures soon, as we are in the clean up phase of the construction and we are waiting for a final inspection from the county.

Stay tuned!

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