Thursday, January 19, 2012

More Vegas

This is another boring post about being in Las Vegas. I am so tired of walking, yes walking! In Vegas, one must walk more than one can imagine, as the casinos on the strip are the size of football arenas. Yes, arenas, not football fields, but the whole field and seating areas.

Now, with that picture in mind, we have to walk three of these casinos to go over to the conference each day and back. And there's more.... Once we are at the conference we have had to visit over 5000 vendors, on three floors of the Sands Expo / Conference center. We did have to divide up the vendors to about 1000 per day. We finish up the last of them tomorrow! Yeah!!

While walking around today, though, I was planning in my head (ok, maybe daydreaming) about setting up my new sewing room, what projects I'm going to be working on first, and a little bit of spring garden planning.

I did get to work some more on my next "Little Birdie Stitches" block while resting my feet in the hotel room tonight!

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