Sunday, January 22, 2012

Rose Bowl Champions

This is a commission project from Christmas 2011. I made three for a co-worker's daughters, Of which 2 of them go to Oregon State University, home of the Oregon Ducks. And, of course after winning the Rose Bowl this year, anything "Ducks" has become extremely popular. And since these bags have hit campus, I have gotten a few inquiries. So, one of my first projects to be accomplished in the new sewing room will be making "Ducks" related items. We also have their rival team "the Beavers" here in Oregon, so I will be working on projects related to their team as well.

About this bag..... The pattern is 3 in 1 Tote Bag by "Bag2" by Lois. It is a simple concept that has a jacket that the main body of the purse sets in with buttons. Thats one look, the next look is to turn the jacket inside out and re-button, and the third look is without the jactet. With the jacket, there is lots of room with outside pockets, and on the inside thhere is an additional pocket made and a big roomy bucket compartment that zips up.

Super easy to sew, and so far loved by all!

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