Sunday, December 8, 2013

Next Block

I cut out the next block(s) for month 7 from the Civil War Tribute BOM that I have doing as part of my UFO BOM's I am working on this year.  Month 7 is requiring eight of the same block, all 12" square.  This picture is all of the pieces cut out.

What is different this month is, the pieces are cut out using 1/16", instead of 1/4" measurements.  Most of you who quilt, know that all of the quilt rulers are marked using the 1/4" measurement.  Some have little, tiny, black marks for 1/8" measurements, but not 1/16" measurements.  So, I had to spend some careful time cutting out the pieces.

Below is a picture of the finished block, and remember I have to make 8 of  it.  The reason the measurements are different than normal is the pattern makers kept it historical to the block from the Civil War era.  Included in the pattern, is a modified block using 1/4" measurement, but the block looks so different.  I pondered for awhile on which direction to go in making these blocks, and finally concluded that I wanted to keep it as original and historical.  Yeah, we'll see how that works for me.....


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