Friday, January 10, 2014

I Can See Clearly

I found this pattern on one evening, as I was looking for a bag pattern to use up the scraps left over from the pillow cases I made as described in a couple of posts ago.  I made up three of the small bags for each of the children to match their pillow case, and they were a big hit, because they can see what is in their bag.  Sorry, no pictures of these bags, as I finished the last one the morning we were celebrating Christmas with them.  But, here is a picture of a medium one I made for me.

The measurements are approximately 20" X 20".  The pattern doesn't include instructions for the pocket, but I added one on the outside, putting a matching fabric trim on the top of the pocket.

Another thing I did different from the pattern, was use a lining in a contrasting fabric.  The pattern called for the outside fabric and iron on interfacing.  I wanted something pretty inside, so I used the interfacing and the lining on all fabric pieces, including the top portion of the bag.

I have to put a plug here for the site I get all my zippers from, Zipit. You can find them here on Etsy.  I have always had fantastic service, and the range of choices is spectacular!  And they alway add a zipper pull free with each order.  I used my free one on this bag.  

I added this button on the pocket to hide the velcro I used to keep the pocket closed!  Just another cute embellishment I put on my bag.  

I like clear tubs to store things and now I will have a clear bag to store my ongoing projects.  I am sure I will be making more of these, as they are super easy to make, take a small amount of fabric (great stash buster!), and will be used a lot in my hobby life.  



amyrdh said...

Great idea and so cute!

Jane said...

Hi Renee, My name is Jane Sparrell and I am the owner of Rick Rack and Polka Dots. I'm so pleased that you enjoyed making my pattern for the Practical Project Bags. I like your additional pocket and have made a couple that have a similar pocket so that you can easily label the projects you have in your bags. I think I will revise my pattern and mention this as an option as it is a nice complement. I look forward to reading your blog and please feel free to visit mine at Thanks again and happy sewing! Kind regards, Jane