Friday, January 3, 2014

iPad Cover, iPhone Carrier, Mini Wallet

I wanted to make an iPad cover for some time now, and I have looked at several patterns, both free and those that have to be bought.  I found this while browsing through the site.  It is a e-reader pattern, that has several sizes in the pattern, including the iPad2, which is my model.

The pattern is by Pink Poodle Bow found here, and was easy to follow for the average sewer.  What I liked about the pattern was it had pockets on the opposite side of the cover.  I wanted pockets to carry my trade show calendar, and my weekly to do notebook.  Even in this techno world, I like to write my to do's down instead of using the many apps out there.

Here is the cover closed, my husband helped me choose the fabric.  It is a sewing room with lots of kitties.  We found it at Joanns.   I had the ribbon from long ago, and like it for a closure that goes all the way around the cover.  

I use a long strip of velcro, so if the pockets get full, I can still close it securely.  (Smile)

Here is the cover opened.  On the left side are three pockets.  The top pocket is holding my trade show calendar already.  I am sure the other pockets will be filled up soon.  the bottom pocket is divided so I can put my ETSY business cards in it and have them on hand at all times.  On the right side is the space for my iPad.  it has four padded corners holding in the reader securely!  

So far, I am really enjoying a fabric cover for my iPad, because covers for iPads are hard and have hard corners holding the pad securely.  

I also made matching iPhone carrier and a mini wallet.


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