Sunday, July 27, 2014

Daisychain ABC Sampler "A"

My package arrived from my husband, and it is the Daisychain ABC sampler that I posted about a couple of weeks ago.  While sitting (my mom is in a skilled nursing / rehab center with a long struggle to get to a recovery to come home) today, I was able to complete the first letter in this sampler.  I worked on and completed the letter "A".

The curved yellow was done in a chain stitch, the yellow center is french knots, and the petals are done in a satin stitch.  The pattern gave instructions for each stitch, and the designer stated that the satin stitch takes practice to look right.  I agree.  It seemed like each petal took longer and longer to do, to get the stitch to look good.

I am so linear in my thinking, that I just naturally (for me anyhow) started with the letter "A".  And, I then started on the letter "B".  But as I am writing this, I thought, I could do the letters randomly making it a little more interesting.  Nah, my nature isn't going to let me do that, so you will be seeing them done in order.  Sigh.


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