Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Change of Venue

Today, I worked on a totally different sewing venue.  Clothes making.  Before I was a quilter, I was a seamstress, making all kinds of clothing, from down coats, rodeo queen outfits, bridesmaids dresses, and all kinds of alterations and tailoring.  That was then when I needed some extra income to stay at home with my boys before they started grade school.

I decided to try my hand at making me a blouse because I have lost about 40 pounds and things in my closet are not fitting too well.  I have altered some of my clothes, but some of them can't be altered down anymore, without completely taking them apart and resizing the pieces.  If I am going to do that I might as well start from scratch and make something new.  Right?  And another reason, I wanted to do this, is I still indeed to lose another 23-30 pounds, so all I need are a couple of items to hold me over, then I can get new clothes.   I know, everyone says they are going to lose more weight and never do, but I give myself 6 months to lose more and then I will be happy where I end up at, and will work on getting a new wardrobe at that time.  Maybe around Christmas?

Any way, I used to make the majority of my clothes from the pattern line, Stretch and Sew, because they came as a master pattern that was traced off on the pattern material "Do-Sew" (I have posted about this earlier) in sizes that fit different areas of one's body.  Not everyone, if anyone, is a perfect size 12, 14 or whatever, that the pattern companies try to make us fit into.

So, for my first test subject, I chose fabric called Tutti Frutti, which is like a seersucker type material, and the pattern I chose is a peasant blouse.  The pattern is for a dress or tunic, but I shortened the pattern to make a blouse, and I chose it to be short sleeved.

This is the fabric, a pink swirl, very summery.

This is the pattern on the fabric after I had traced it onto the "Do-Sew" material.

This is the front placket, and opening where the neck ties will come together when the blouse is completed.

This is a "raglan" type sleeve, as the top of the sleeve is part of the neckline in the blouse.

And here is the final finished product.  I am so happy with it, and it actually fits very comfortably.  

From start to finish, I made it in about three hours, including tracing the pattern.  Now that I have it traced, I should be able to make one in about two hours.  I am planning an out of state trip next week, so I am hoping I can get another one of these made, and a polo shirt.


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Sue said...

Nice tops you are making! Love your spotty hen too!