Thursday, July 3, 2014

More Prairie Primrose

I spent the last two days, cutting out, doing the placement and stitching of the next two blocks in my UFO BOM Prairie Primrose.  The background of each block is different, as well as the flower design.  Each block will be completely different from each other.  So I have been doing the machine stitching around the pieces with different color thread.  

This is block two.

This is block three.

Close up of block three.

And a picture of the first three blocks.  I used a wheat color thread on the first block, a navy color on the second, and a brick red on the third one.

I thought any of you who do machine appliqué might like to know, I did not use any adhesive produce to hold down the appliqué pieces (like Heat n' Bond, Wonder Under, etc.).  I laid out the whole design with pins and stitch in place.  For years, I have read, been taught, and understood the only way to do machine appliqué is to use one of these type products.  Of course, the underlying reason to use these products, is to hold the design in place so it doesn't move, get distorted, or pucker.    But the draw back in using these products is they cause a stiffness in the overall block, and then as an end result, causing the quilt to be even stiffer and not draping well as all.  Originally, I was going to do the needle turn appliqué  hand technique, thus using freezer paper to cut out the design for the first block.  Since I didn't use one of the adhesive products, I went ahead, without too much thought, and started machine stitching down the pieces.  About half-way through the first block, I realized that the pieces were staying in place just fine without using the products, and the end result is a very soft and supple feeling block.  I am very happy with this result, and most likely not be suing any appliqué adhesive product in the future.  This will be a money saver, as these type products can be quite costly.


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